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The Translucent Collection

The debut line for PATINA, the Translucent collection began as a hunt for everyday undergarments. Something that was comfortable enough for daily wear and still felt aesthetically appealing. Pieces that didn't get in the way of my clothing choices. Ideally, I wanted to make getting dressed in the mornings a kind of ritual. A moment of quiet self-reverence as I started my day. After 18 months of intensive material research and product development in the UK and Europe, the Translucent bra and brief are the result.

Made from a double layer of the finest Italian mesh with a soft hand feel, this fabrication offers support without sacrificing silkiness. It's delicious to wear and nothing like the crunchy, scratchy mesh you may be familiar with. Adding a double layer gave the bra additional support and allowed us to create a folded, seamless finish over the derrière. If you're not a fan of wearing a thong, this is a great alternative that seems to disappear beneath most clothing. Traditional hook and eye bra closures also bugged me. I've always longed for a more elegant silhouette, so we opted to use an additional bra strap at the back of the underband, allowing for a cleaner line and the ability to accommodate more band sizes.

These garments exist to make you feel great in your skin. It is, ultimately, an act of kindness to make the most mundane tasks, like putting on underwear each day, a little more enjoyable. To attempt to imbue them with thoughtfulness and intention. I sincerely hope this collection offers you that experience and I look forward to hearing about your experience of wearing them. 

– Katerina Furrer, Founder of PATINA 


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